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Probate and Estate Administration


We understand that clients may have many questions and concerns after the passing of a loved one. A court-managed process known as probate or estate administration may be necessary for the person’s debts and expenses to be paid and for the distribution of their assets among their heirs and beneficiaries. At Jovanovich*, Dege & Athmann, PA, we will assist you step-by-step through the process of opening the estate, nominating a personal representative, locating assets, paying creditors, and accounting for and distributing the assets among the heirs and beneficiaries. Our probate attorneys can assist you in handling issues surrounding the probate administration including:
• Petitioning the Court for Administration of Estate
• Objections to Personal Representative
• Will Contests
• Asset Collection and Transfer
• Distribution of Estate
• Creditor Claims
• Final Accounting
• Sale of Real Estate
• Ancillary Proceedings
• Distribution of Special Gifts
• Charitable Gifts
• Mediate Property Disputes
If you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one and have questions or concerns regarding the handling of their assets, contact Jovanovich*, Dege & Athmann to speak with one of our experienced probate attorneys today.

* Thomas Jovanovich retired on 4/1/2021


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